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adBuddy helps you promote your destination to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place, all through one easy self-service tool fueled with our travel data.


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Optimize your travel ads with the right data

Optimize your travel ads with the right data


Promoting your destination has never been so easy.

adBuddy is a self-service tool to create, manage and optimize your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in one place.


adBuddy helps you fine-tune your audience, budget and timing, for high-impact campaigns that anticipate behavior, travel offers, school holidays, events, weather and more.

Powerful and efficient creatives


Capture viewers’ interest in the first few seconds! adBuddy helps you create videos easily using a template and your own photos or clips.

Test & Learn

Whether you want to split your audience or test your creatives, adBuddy helps you determine which campaign performs better. Only spend on those that convert!

Powerful and efficient creatives

Measure results that matter for destinations

Measure results that matter for destinations


With adBuddy you will have the metrics that matter to destinations:​

From visitors at your destination, to clicks, reach and ROI… you’ll never miss a thing.


Create and export your reports for your campaigns easily.

AdBuddy’s reports are made for DMOs and are simple and easy to understand.

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